Welcome to my site dedicated to E & H Roberts Iron Works, here I hope to share with you a brief history of the E & H Roberts Iron Works complete with Photo?s and locations of some of there products, surviving Farm Implements and Cast Iron items.


I always looking for Medals associated with E & H Roberts, Deanshanger,
both Sporting Medals and Agricultural Medals.
there must be thousands out there as they won many in Agricultural Shows.

Top Money Paid


Above: Deanshanger Iron Works Cricket Club Fob Medal

Below: Royal Agricultural Show Medal awarded to E & H Roberts for there  Hercules Wind Engines, 1895.



Top Money Paid for any E & H Roberts Medals

I am desperately looking for an E&H Roberts Implement Seat to buy and add to my collection, also I am always looking for Roberts Name Plates, Roberts Catalogues etc. top money paid.

Post Cards 1912 fire 





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