E&H Roberts Water Wheels

    It is documented that Roberts made Water Wheels both overshot and undershot for some fifty years but as yet I have not found a surviving wheel apart from the fine example at Milton Keynes museum that originated from Wakefield Estate nr. Potterspury, Northants.

Wakefield Waterwheel


It is also documented that there was a 10 ft dia. water wheel at Glevering Hall, Wickham Market in 1900 but as yet I have not been able to find out if any part of it survives.

Glevering Hall Water Wheel


   There was in the 1960's an undershot water wheel at Lillingstone house, Lillingstone Dayrell installed by Abraham Robarts but sadly nothing remains.

Illustration of a Roberts Water Wheel from a catalouge c1903 

Photo from British Progress in Pumps and Pumping Engines

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